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Question: 1
What is Advice?
This instruct object to behave in certain way.
Used to inject values in objects.
Used to take the real action either before or after the method execution.
Not invoked during the program execution by AOP framework.

Question: 2
Which is correct scope, If a bean can be created any number of times.?
global session

Question: 3
Which is not the IoC containers in Spring?
None of the above

Question: 4
Which is true about <map> collection configuration elements?
<map> helps in wiring a list of values and allows duplicates.
<map> helps in wiring a list of values but without any duplicates.
<map> can be used to inject a collection of name-value pairs of any type.
<map> tag is not supported.

Question: 5
Which types of the transaction management Spring supports?
Declarative transaction management
Programmatic transaction management
Both of the above.
None of the above.

Question: 6
Which class work as IOC Container?
None of the above

Question: 7
What are Different types of Autowire ? 
byName , byType, destructor and autodetect
byName , byMethod, constructor and autodetect
byName , byType, constructor and autocorrect
byName , byType, constructor and autodetect

Question: 8
What is a DispatcherServlet?
This is used for AOP.
This is used for transaction management.
This handles all the HTTP requests and responses.
This is used for Dependency injection.

Question: 9
How to shut down the application context properly?
Using shutdownHook()
Using shutdownHandler()
Using registerHook()
Using registerShutdownHook()

Question: 10
What AOP stands for?
Aspect Oriented Programming
Any Object Programming
Application Oriented Programming
Asset Oriented Protocol